Our love has died

BRE21reDo you remember that thing we used to love doing? You know, that thing that sparked our excitement and gave us a reason to get up in the morning. That thing that separated us from everybody else. When we were doing it nothing else mattered, we were truly living in the present. What made us let it go? When did we decide it was too late to start doing it again? More importantly, why are we so afraid to go back to it?  Maybe we’re comfortable in our own despair. Maybe going back to what we used to love is too much of an emotional risk for us. Maybe we’re afraid we’ll suck if we try again. Maybe we prefer to hold on to the memory rather than go after the real love that it gave us in the first place. Our love, helped shape us into who we are today. Our love gave us the best times of our life and brought us closer to the people we cared about. Our love saved us from becoming that shitty average person most of us were destined to be. We’re not safe anymore. Our love has died.

MADLOVE – Scottylib