I’ve always thought the idea of photography as an art was amazing. Its literally your on personal take on the world around you, showing the viewer how you see things. From the famous portraits of Richard Avedon to the 15 year old girl taking selfies in the bathroom mirror, the concept remains the same. I don’t think most people understand this. When I tell someone I want to shoot them its much deeper than just taking photos of them, its my take on that person. To me, this is where the true art is. Its something you can never take from a photographer, perspective. There is no right or wrong, just how you saw something. I always think its weird when photographers dress up girls as mermaids or super heros and all that crazy shit. Personally, I think real life is strange enough as it is. In fact, I’m overwhelmed daily by the people/things that I see. I think my own personal perspective is fucked, people have actually called me out on lying about something that I truly believed had happened but In reality, I had just seen it differently. The goal is to get your perspective out through photographs. Its not always easy but to me its the only thing that really matters, weather its a prisoner on death row with innocence in his eyes or just a pretty girl you saw a little sadness in.


MADLOVE – Scottylib