A City Exposed : Downtown

BC4I have strange way of setting myself up for failure. There are a lot of ideas I have that are at high risk to come out terrible but I feel like I have to try them. Its harder for me to not make something then to just take the risk and give it a go. In this most recent example I had the idea of shooting a female nude then double exposing the shots with city scenes/buildings. There were a lot of technical details I had to consider before doing this to make sure the two images would come out exposed properly which was harder to do because I was shooting with a plastic camera that has very limited exposure controls. Thankfully I found a model who was really into the idea and just down to make some art. I’m really glad I started this project because I love how the first set came out. I can’t wait start on the next one.

*Downtown is the first installment of an ongoing project  A City Exposed.  I’m shooting a roll of 120mm film then re-rolling it and shooting over it again. All of the photos were shot on a Holga and no digital alterations were applied.BC5BC3BC2BC6BC7BC8BC9

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