ONE LOVE : EXPIRED Kodak Portra 160VC


Nell is the kind of chick that props her window open with a high heel and “bites the dog that bit her” with a half pint of Jack Daniels at 12 in the afternoon, you know…the classy type. She starts rifling through her closet half naked looking for something to wear, I start loading my Hasselblad with some Kodak Portra 160VC. I didn’t realize until after the film was loaded it was 2 years expired (01/2010). I have no problem with shooting expired film, when I was 7 my father drank a quart of 3 week expired milk in front of me. I fear no expiration. When I got the film developed I was surprised that there was very little color shift. The only notable aspect of the film was deep reds became muddy in direct sunlight. I shot a few photos of Nell up against a brick wall and the colors were overwhelming (I’m pretty sure this was due to the expiration of the film) but everything shot in window light/overcast was pretty on point. I don’t shoot a lot of film under ISO 400 because its usually not fast enough for my style but I definitely appreciate the quality. Portra 160VC seems to be a pretty rare film nowadays so if you see any, make sure you cop that shit because it most definitely does not age like milk. NL172