The Phantom Stranger : Know Love & Loss


Its 1:30am downtown Boston. Im accompanied by 3 of my closest friends I’ve known forever and we are creeping through alleys in chinatown for no apparent reason. I don’t know exactly how cold it is but if I had to guess I’d say it was probably -4,000,000°. A cypher breaks out and by cypher I mean Diatribe (The Phantom Stranger) freestyles while we all just stand there. Its a very nostalgic feeling, 4 kids in an alley freezing with no place to go. The content of his lyrics vary from vicious battle rap to obnoxious hilarity. He knows exactly how to make us laugh. Its been a really rough year for the kid but you would never know by talking to him. Everything that he has gone through is immortalized in his lyrics. Diatribe is one of the most artistic dudes I’ve ever met. People have been telling him for years how talented he is but that he should switch up his style to be more appealing to the masses and he’s always told them to go fuck themselves.

Know Love & Loss is a collaboration album we have been working on for the last year and even though I haven’t seen him once through the duration I feel like I’ve been there the whole time solely through the vivid lyrics in the songs he’s sent me. Every beat I made was crafted specifically for him. This album is all I could have asked for, honest lyrics of love and loss over sample based beats. Take a listen and share if you love/hate it.


MADLOVE – Scottylib