First Snow

StephMED3If you ask any north easterner who lives in CA what they miss most about home they will mostly likely say two things, Dunkin Donuts and the first snow. Its important to remember first snow, every other one sucks especially in the city. I mean its cool if you want to track how many dogs pee on your block for 4 months but that first snow is usually the freshest. Even though I live in a place that never sees snow and was 70° all last week I still get that feeling a few weeks after the clocks change that any day the snow will come. One of my favorite things was shooting in the snow (check out this video from a few years back). I know it probably won’t make sense to you but these are my first snow photos of the year.StephMED1Steph11Steph12Steph5Steph9

MADLOVE – Scottylib