April in July

20I don’t consider myself a professional. I feel like when photographers have to shoot to make money they are pressured into making photos of what other people want instead of simply doing what they think will be awesome. The reason we became photographers in the first place is because we felt we had something special to show the world, not to take lazy digital photos for some wannabe model then photoshop the shit out of her face until she looks like a porcelain doll. I work in a bar as a bartender and thats how I make my money. I could do photo jobs and support myself on photography alone but that would mean I’d be shooting events/weddings and corporate bullshit. I’ll take pouring shots over boring shots any day of the week. I got mad love for my photo takers out there making it on what they love to do because I know its not easy, I’m just saying until that day comes for me I wont sacrifice my own style/vision. Photography is far to emotional for me to shoot photos I don’t love.17

This is my homegirl April Potts. She is a signed model who does mostly paid gigs and rocks the shit out of the camera. Fortunately, April has art in the heart and wanted to collaborate on some photos together. I shot mostly Kodak E100vs which is now a discontinued film (angry face). I asked her after we were done shooting if she likes to gamble and explained that I could develop the film normally and get color slides from the film or we could cross process it and see what happens. She was into the x-pro and the photos came back awesome. The moral of the story is, when you take money out of the equation you are more open to take risks and get sick flicks.Aprildip2

13Kodak Ektar 100 and Ilford Delta 40025AprilDipBnW

MADLOVE – Scottylib