Kosha Dillz : Ilford Delta 3200


Sunday night I hit up a show at The IndependentSF. Originally I went to shoot some photos of my homeboy who plays guitar for Planet Booty but unfortunately It was a last minute thing on a sunday and I couldn’t find a film store that was open to buy more Ilford Delta 3200 and I only had about 30 shots in my camera. Anyways, what ended up happening was the opening act came, this dude Kosha Dillz. He came out solo DJing his own shit and single handedly rocking the shit out of the joint. I couldn’t not shoot photos of this dude. I literally saved the last few shots on my roll to take a few portraits of him outside after the show. Moral of the story is…When you shoot film, you never get what you expected. Follow Kosha Dillz on twitter here and check out his shit, its mad original. 

KoshKillz2KoshKillz1MADLOVE – Scottylib