Black and White Winter : Part 2 “We return like Jesus, when the whole world need us”


Z skate

Its been a rough winter. Even though I live in San Francisco where the coldest day this year has been like 40° there is something about the winter that weighs on your soul wherever you live. I haven’t shot nearly as much as I wish I could have this season due to a lot of work bullshit but thats all behind me now. Now its time to reunite with whats really important to me. My camera and my hommies. This spring I’m looking forward to collaborations with creative minds that are close to me. Whether its shooting photos of critters with Steve Morris from VILLEN, making skits with comedian Steve Post, creating a portfolio for pretty man Zadak Rice or making graphic art stickers with my ninja Kiwi… Its going to be a good spring.






MADLOVE – Scottylib