Been slacking on updating the site for the last month, so I figured I’d post a midsummer update. I know what everybody is thinking, “Holy shit I can’t believe its already August!” Personally, I can’t believe how much is left. Time flies when you dread the future and after I go on a awesome trip I always come home to one of the coolest cities in the world. Anyways, for the last month I’ve been strictly using my LOMO LC-A. This camera comes everywhere with me, its a perfect size and super easy to use. I recommend everyone in the world gets one. Believe it or not, all the photos in this post were taking on 3 rolls of film, in 3 different cities over a 1 month period, but to me they look like a years worth.

Don’t dwell on the summer thats gone, live in the summer thats now (that was mad corny but shut up its true.)