Lomography Oktomat

If you know me, you know that I love toy cameras.

Recently, I got a present from my good friend Suzie down in LA (thanks Suze, you’re the best) and it contained the Lomography Oktomat. What this camera basically does is take 8 photos in a sequence on one 35mm negative. Its really easy to use, you just load the film and everything else is pretty much set to go. Although its very user friendly heres the catch. You have to take into consideration that every time you take a photo there should be some kind of movement going on or your pictures will look stupid and repetitive like something Andy Warhol did (not a fan I think he sucks).

Theres countless ways to use the Oktomat. Basically what I did was just point it at someone and tell them to keep making different faces because I thought it would be funny. I definitely plan on taking this little guy out again and trying out some different techniques. What would you shoot with 1 click and 8 frames?

MADLOVE – Scottylib